English SxS



Another restoration project. This is a G&S Holloway field gun. This sxs had clearly been well used, with patchy blue finish, flat checkering and a recoil pad that wasn't far off falling from the stock.

To restore this shotgun, the firearm was first inspected and found to be on the face and gauged using go/no go gauges. All was good with the action and we moved onto re-checkering and generally restoring the stock, this was a very time consuming process taking many iterations of filling the voids and scratches.

Next were the barrels, which were in good shape except for the patchy blue finish and pitting under the fore end. The bore was in very good condition given this firearms age. The barrels were re blued using the standard process and wow did they come up well. There is something about sxs shotguns that just look amazing with a rust blue finish. It is no wonder the finest shotgun makers in the world still use this method despite cheaper and easier options.

This project was completed with the addition of a Packmayr recoil pad which had to be ground to fit.

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American SxS


This is a Tobin SxS. A smaller known shotgun maker from the United States. This shotgun was made some time between 1905 and 1909. With no official proofing system in the US, no proof marks exist. However this manufacturer specified that it was made Nitro proof with the engraving "Fluid Steel Krupp Essen"

It was in particularly good condition, especially the fore and butt stock, which were left untouched on this project.


The only work done on this gun was that the barrels were re blued.

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Winchester Model 1892 Rifle



This Winchester 1892 with octagon barrel was in really rough shape. There were doubts if it was worth restoring this firearm. After stripping it back it was obvious the rust was not deep and the restoration started. The only redeemable feature was the butt stock was in respectable condition.

After re bluing and fitting a replacement fore stock it was unrecognisable as the same gun.

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Winchester Model 1894


This Winchester 1894 was purchased as a restoration project. Having been manufactured in 1902 in 30-30 caliber this rifle was clearly well used, with very little bluing left on the gun.

It had also been modified with a 2nd dovetail and non original barrel.

The stock was refinished with linseed oil as per it originally was.

A new barrel with exceptional rifling was sourced locally, but the original ladder sight was almost impossible to track down. Ultimately one was found all the way in Canada. This sight                                                                                                                             finished off the project to as near original new                                                                                                               condition as possible.

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Winchester Model 1890


This Winchester 1890 was recieved in "brown" condition. Despite it being well looked after, no original blue remained on the gun. In fact it was covered in a thin layer of surface rust, giving it the brown look. This is very typical of a firearm of this age. This gun was stripped back and rust blued to give it an original, as new look.

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Over and Under Shotgun

This O/U shotgun was in good condition, however the bluing was worn around the barrel porting and a few other spots detracting from the overall look of the gun. This gun was stripped back and rust blued.

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